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Company values

Lincotek takes the following values as guiding principles:

  • Respect, protection and growth of people: the Group acts in full respect for human rights and focusses on the enhancement of skills and attitudes of every individual; Lincotek mission is compatible with the fulfilment of people’s needs with a view to safeguarding health and safety of workers;
  • Fairness and transparency: these values are meant as constant enhancement of behaviors adopted by the Group towards all stakeholders in compliance with the values set forth in this Code of ethics, law rules, and in-house regulation;
  • Legality: the company activities are carried out in full compliance with the laws and rules in force, in particular the Company fights any practice of corruption to public bodies and individuals;
  • Professionalism: the Group carries out their activity with the professional skills required by the nature of its tasks and targets its relations to the mutual advantage and to the achievement of preset objectives;
  • Respect and protection of the environment: in the performance of its activity Lincotek constantly and strictly respects laws and rules in force on environmental issues so as to minimize the company activity impact on the environment. Moreover, since environment is considered as inviolable heritage of mankind of which every individual is responsible, the Group endeavors to improve its protection and enhancement.

The Group works in full respect of the law of the countries it works in and in compliance with the principles of the Code of Ethics and the Model of Organization, Management, and Control under legislative decree n. 231/01. Recipients must be aware of and comply with laws and rules in force in the Countries where Lincotek works, by complying with both national and international regulations.