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About #lincotek50

We’ve come a very long way in half a century.

Our founder Nelso Antolotti and his brother were handed the equivalent of a €5,000 check by their father, Emilia, back in 1973. “Do something of your own!” said the businessman, who had created his own small transportation company.

The young men did exactly that.

Along with his sibling, Nelso bought some METCO guns for heat treatment and set up shop in a garage. It was hard to imagine just how large, successful and diverse a business the brothers were set to create.

What started as Flametal became United Coatings Group – the forerunner of today’s Lincotek. Now, with Nelso still acting as Group President, and with his daughter Linda as Vice President, our business is a renowned global solution provider, delivering a wide range of fully-integrated services for the medical, aviation and energy sectors.

50 years on, it’s time to celebrate!

Lincotek events around the world

We are celebrating in a variety of ways, at different times and in different locations.

That way, we can make sure all our 1,700 employees will have had an opportunity to share in the 50th anniversary spirit.

Whether it’s a special lunch, dinner or barbecue, we’ve been bringing Lincotekers together – everywhere from Italy, Switzerland and France through to the USA and China.  We’ve also been holding satellite events at the main trade shows we attend.

Let’s Party, Linkotekers

Auditorium Paganini, Parma, on September 14th 2023

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Of course, it’s important to celebrate with our key stakeholders and business partners too, such as customers, suppliers, financial and local institutions. That’s why we have planned a special party in Parma in September. Lincotekers who are directly involved with the invited guests, as well as representatives of our different plants around the world, will attend.

After a panel discussion hosted by Sebastiano Barisoni of Radio 24, exploring Lincotek’s past and future, we’ll be treated to a violin and piano recital by Uto Ughi. Aperitifs, dinner and more live music will follow, as we catch up with friends and look ahead to the next half century of Lincotek!

Social Art by Lincotek

Our fabulous Social Art by Lincotek has been an important part of our 50th anniversary celebrations.

This is a project designed by PopUp Studio, which has already transformed the façade of our headquarters in Parma. Working closely with an established artist, our employees have played their own part in the transformation, which links art and business to the local community.

It’s a living demonstration of our philosophy as a company and we’re in the process of rolling it out to our other plants. Inspiring creativity. Boosting collaboration. And, of course, raising the profile of our brand.