Lincotek’s Coating Campus

Lincotek’s Coating Campus 2021-08-04T16:41:28+00:00

For the next generation of thermal spray coatings

Which new center is able to combine R&D, cutting-edge services and equipment production for thermal spray applications, bringing them together all under one roof?

The answer is Lincotek’s ambitious Coating Campus in Parma, Italy, that is fully focused on the development of solutions for thermal spray coatings applications for industrial sectors.

We have created an environment in which there is a unique cross-fertilization of ideas and expertise, so that we can remain at the technological forefront in our niche markets, providing our customers with best-in-class services and equipment.

Tribal knowledge

At the heart of this concept is the idea of combining profound research activities and collaboration with universities and research institutes with what we call ‘tribal knowledge’ or savoir-faire.

This is an inherent knowledge within the company, passed from person to person. It is the union of two fundamental elements: deep scientific and technological understanding built up through years of research and development, as well as the skills and experience handed down within the company year after year.

Our philosophy is one of ongoing innovation, which helps us to permanently improve and upgrade to meet the production demands of OEM customers all over the world. The result is a unique service capability at best-in-class quality standards.

Technical capability at a glance

  • A broad range of commercial and proprietary plasma torches – both high and low power, with a Cascade system – created by Lincotek Equipment
  • Ability to develop the most advanced ceramic coatings such us topcoat multilayer systems, high-performance abradables and the latest generation of vertical cracks TBCs
  • Application of a broad range of characterization – optical and electrical microscope analysis, hardness or adhesion tests and powder verification
  • Testing of new coating applications via a fully automatic Thermal Cycle Fatigue (TCF) furnace

Working in partnership

The Coating Campus concept is completed with Lincotek’s Equipment Division and its unique tailor-made thermal spray equipment, which is always at the forefront of what thermal spray technology can achieve in terms of safety, cost-effectiveness, quality and efficiency.

We are also delighted to work in close partnership with customers, through dedicated teams committed to development or co-development. In the service area, this is reflected by new coating materials, systems and processes, producing samples or first article/batch production with a Complete Coating Characterization (3C) or, in the Equipment Division, by unique turnkey solutions that fit best to specific customer needs.

There’s no doubt that the Coating Campus combines heritage and a deep know-how, helping us to develop the coatings of tomorrow and deliver best-in-class service solutions and state-of-the-art equipment. To find out more and discuss the possibilities, please contact us.