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EOS M 290
The benchmark for industrial 3D printing

TCT Magazine, 2020 issue 2

At Lincotek Additive, we have championed innovation in additive manufacturing solutions since 2006 and we fast built a reputation for the scale-up of serial 3D printing production.

Our first machine was EOS M 270. Today, we have around 30 additive printing units and EOS is one of our main partners. We have 19 EOS machines operational around the world, with a wide range of models, from the M 280 and M 290 through to M 400-4 Lasers.

The M 290 System has been used in serial production for over six years and it is very robust, ensuring reliable high performance.

As a contract manufacturer providing additive solutions, with unique serial production expertise, we are proud to have been involved in the creation of this article.

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