Getting help to those who need it most


Covid-19 has hit many communities very hard and the situation in Northern Italy earlier in the year was heartbreaking. Even with the prospect of vaccines being delivered, we are still in a difficult period where sadly people are being hospitalized and families losing loved ones.

Here at Lincotek, we have been steadily recovering from the initial crisis earlier in 2020, ensuring that our staff are safe and providing the same high standards of service to our customers that they have come to expect.

Locally in the area around Parma, there have been many people facing real financial hardship because of the coronavirus and the associated hit to the economy. That’s why we decided some months ago to team up with a number of partners to deliver packages of food staples to individuals and families who really need our support.

Right now, the initiative takes on a particular significance as Christmas approaches. We want to make sure that everyone – regardless of their personal circumstances – is able to celebrate the festive season with their families.

We’ve worked in conjunction with Rise Against Hunger, an organization which provides food and life-changing aid, as well as CARITAS in Parma, whose stated aims are to end poverty, promote justice and restore dignity. Naturally, we’ve been following local regulations and maintaining the utmost care when it comes to the safety of everyone collaborating on the project.

It’s also wonderful to have had the support of a group of volunteers, including children from Bologna’s UISP organization. As well as having fun with music, games and other activities, they helped us during the year with the hard work of getting the food to the people who need it most. It was a great experience for the kids and a chance for them to help others at a difficult time.

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