Promimic and Danco Medical establish Nano Processing, Inc. to better serve the US market

Aim is to grow processing of HAnano Surface treated medical implants


Warsaw, Indiana, USA and Molndal, Sweden | July 28, 2022. – Promimic AB and Danco Medical – a Lincotek Group Company – have formed a joint venture focused on the processing of HAnano Surface for medical implants in the US market. The new company will be called Nano Processing, Inc. (NPI) and will ramp up the use of the unique HAnano Surface technology, which improves osseointegration of orthopedic and dental implants. The launch of the joint venture is a response to the rapid change in a fast-growing market segment and the needs in the market for a qualified and well-respected service provider.

Danco Medical has been the preferred processing partner for Promimic’s US customers since 2016. The joint venture has dedicated processing capabilities for medical implants in the Danco Medical facility in Warsaw, Indiana. This will further secure alignment of both companies on the growth path ahead, and improving the service level to the US market.

“The creation of Nano Processing, Inc. broadens our business model and is a key initiative in our growth strategy. We are pleased to share this important milestone with the Danco Medical team, as a natural progression of a great partnership,” says Magnus Larsson, CEO at Promimic. “This joint venture was made possible through the Promimic IPO in April, and will have a major impact on our growth potential, especially for 2023 and onwards, enabling us to serve our customers more efficiently,” he continues.

NPI is built around Promimic’s core technology, HAnano Surface. The partnership has provided for rapid growth in recent years, and this unique surface treatment technology is now in clinical use across several orthopedic specialties – from spinal fusion to total knee replacement.

The day-to-day operations will be managed and executed by Danco Medical, while leveraging Promimic’s deep knowledge in nanotechnologies and US-based sales channel for business growth with both existing and new customers.

“We are delighted to develop the partnership with Promimic further. Together we stand strong to capture growing business opportunities we see today and expand this business substantially long-term,” says Tim Zentz, General Manager of Danco Medical.

Promimic’s business model is based on licensing HAnano Surface to leading implant companies in the orthopedic and dental fields. NPI will broaden Promimic’s service to include upstream capabilities close to the customers together with a well-established and recognized player in the USA market– Danco Medical.


About Promimic
Promimic is a growth company that develops and markets biomaterials for improved osseointegration to leading companies in the fields of dental and orthopedic implants. The main product HAnano Surface has been developed from cutting edge research at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. The technology is proven to improve osseointegration in over 30 scientific studies and with over 700,000 implants in clinical use. Promimic has offices in Mölndal, Sweden and Austin, Texas, USA.

About Danco Medical – a Lincotek Group company
Headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana, USA, Danco Medical has been meeting the needs of medical device companies for technically superior surface preparation and finishing, providing Titanium and Aluminum Anodizing of machined parts, implants, instruments and devices, as well as electropolishing, passivation and LFCC. Well known for its ability to maintain quality requirements, to meet short deadlines and to retain detailed records, Danco Medical – with around 200 employees – maintains its facilities in Warsaw and Changzhou, China to ISO 13485 certification standards.

For more information:
Promimic AB
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Mobile: +46 709 77 64 77

Danco Medical | A Lincotek Group Company
Tim Zentz, General Manager
Phone: +1 574-269-5900


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