When wellbeing enters the company: Lincotek encourages workers to meditate


The project, overseen by a psychology professor, leads to outstanding improvements in the working environment and demonstrates the company’s ethical commitment

Parma, Italy, October 13, 2020: Lincotek Group, a leading global contract manufacturer in the industrial gas turbines, aviation and medical devices sectors, has seen an improvement in productivity and processes by encouraging a proportion of its managers in Rubbiano, Parma to meditate each day. The family-owned multinational has a strong commitment to the well-being of its employees and embraces a holistic vision of doing business. The company worked with Prof. Gioacchino Pagliaro – an expert in the field and Director of the Operational Unit of the Bellaria Hospital in Bologna – to devise an experiment where 12 volunteers (5% of the total staff) practiced meditation for 20 minutes each morning. The sessions were modified to the specific circumstances of the plant and based on evidence from scientific literature.

The result of the study – verified through scientific data collection tools – was incredible and ended with an article in the prestigious American scientific publication Explore – The Journal of Science and Healing.  The company’s monthly turnover was recorded during the quarter under study and there were significant improvements at many levels, such as increased productivity (+ 10%), decreased non-compliance rate on critical products due to human error and, thanks to greater robustness of processes (-42%), an increase in production quality too (+ 6.6%).

The enthusiastic participants benefited from the experience as well.  From the psychological point of view and the impact on work, the meditators reported greater clarity of action, team spirit, proactivity and calm in dealing with difficulties. As a result, they were better able to manage stress, show greater empathy and collaborate effectively with colleagues. They also reported improved relationships with colleagues and fewer physical ailments.

“The research is pioneering in that the positive effects of meditation have been studied very little at the corporate level and never before in Europe,” commented Linda Antolotti, representing the second generation of the family that has led the group since 1973 and serving as Vice President. “By joining the project, the company wanted to demonstrate how it is possible to produce wealth, while also taking care of the well-being of our employees, the community, the environment and everything around us. It’s an entrepreneurial perspective that does not think of the company as micro-planet in its own right, but which is attentive to the wider context to which it belongs.”

About Lincotek. Headquartered in Rubbiano, Italy, Lincotek is one of the most reliable Contract Manufacturers in the world, for market niches such as industrial gas turbines, aviation and medical devices. Considered one of the leading manufacturers in the Additive Manufacturing market globally, thanks to its team of experts and its production capabilities, today the group has more than 1,100 employees spread over 16 production plants in Europe, North America and Asia. For more information, visit  lincotek.com

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