Lincotek acquires Hitemco, an industry leader in thermal spray and diffusion coatings

Lincotek’s latest investment boosts its already well-established presence in the US industrial coatings market

Rubbiano-Parma, Italy – June 23, 2022: – Global contract manufacturer Lincotek is announcing today that it has closed the acquisition of Hitemco, emphasizing the strong focus of Lincotek on the US market. The scope of the transaction is a 100% ownership stake and comprises all the services and processes offered by Hitemco at the facility located in Old Bethpage, NY, starting from high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF), thermal plasma spray, diffusion coatings and coating development through to custom engineering and grinding/surface finishing.

Established in the US as a private, family-owned company in 1974, Hitemco offers an array of special coating and surface finishing processes, spanning multiple industries. The business has developed a particular expertise in diffusion coatings – offering silicide, aluminide, chromide, and platinum – while the thermal spray capabilities encompass HVOF and most plasma processes. Hitemco has become a key coating and surface finishing provider in the aerospace, ground-based turbine, nuclear and hydrogen fuel cell industries, realizing an impressive customer portfolio in both commercial and military sectors.

Lincotek Surface Solutions is a global leader in offering industrial OEMs – mainly in gas turbine and aerospace – a vertically integrated solution for the special processes required after the casting and machining of turbine blades and vanes. Its integrated approach has evolved over the years into an unparalleled set of offerings, with the ability to provide an end-to-end solution, from Additive Manufacturing to surface treatments and market-ready solutions. The primary coating processes offered by Lincotek Surface Solutions are HVOF, vacuum plasma, air plasma, and diffusion coatings. The company also provides a wide range of surface finishing and post-coating services, such as laser and EDM cooling hole drilling, welding, heat treatments and brazing.

As a result of the acquisition, Lincotek will find itself uniquely placed to offer the aerospace and IGT markets the most complete set of services to date. This competitive advantage will be supported by an additional 80,000 sq ft plant and a 110-strong workforce with the ability to offer these unique services close to its core customers, securing shortest turnaround times. Recognizing the quality of the Hitemco management team and the work they have done, Lincotek has confirmed their continuation to ensure a seamless transition.

Hitemco is uniquely positioned due to its broad customer mix and product qualification base across multiple industry segments. The acquisition serves as a platform for Lincotek Surface Solutions to instantly expand beyond turbine engine surface treatments. With the purchase of Hitemco, Lincotek is excited to offer integrated solutions for landing gear components, pistons and actuators, rocket thrusters for military and commercial satellites, hydrogen fuel cells and nuclear.

OEMs are set to benefit from the combined strength of Lincotek Surface Solutions and Hitemco, which will offer a high level of valued customer-centric service, with a complete offer, enhanced lead times and impressive levels of quality and reliability. Relying on these service capabilities, customers can focus on their core business. The acquisition will position Lincotek at the forefront of service providers in the United States.

“This is another vitally important acquisition for us,” says Winfried Schaller, the CEO of Lincotek Group, “as we are always looking to enhance our offering and provide the best possible partnership for OEMs. Hitemco has an outstanding service reputation across many industry segments and we are delighted to be able to integrate the company’s diffusion coating and thermal spray capabilities with our own. Customers will be assured of the highest possible quality and best possible service.”

“With our acquisition by Lincotek, I am excited that we are joining a company that complements Hitemco in many ways including strong customer focus, high quality offerings, and quick turnaround processes,” says Tom Hammond, President of Hitemco. “The combination with Lincotek will bring additional capabilities, financial strength and a broader geographic footprint to our combined customer base, as well as, strong teaming capabilities in providing advanced solutions to our customers’ requirements.”

Lincotek has been advised by Cozen O’Connor for the contractual, legal and labour aspects of the deal, in the person of the Partner Christian Moretti and of the Associate Beatrice Bottini, in conjunction with Deloitte Legal in the person of the Partner Massimo Zamorani. The Tax & Financial workstream, meanwhile, has been handled by Prager Metis in the person of the Partner Andrea Fantozzi and his team. Alantra acted as M&A advisor, in the persons of Wade Aust, MD & Partner, and David Waldstein, Managing Director.

Hitemco has been advised by Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone, in the person of Partners David Schaffer and Raymond Holst for the contractual, legal and labour aspects; Eckhardt & Co. in the person the Partner Robert Exkhardt and Judi L. Walters, CPA, for financial services/consulting; Strook LLP in the person of the partner Shannon Reeves for government consulting; and KAL Capital Markets in the person of partners Ryan Murphy and Trevor Bohn and Analyst Gert Loechle, for Aerospace and Defense Investment Banking.

About Lincotek
Lincotek, headquartered in Rubbiano, Parma – Italy, is a global contract manufacturer for services in niche markets including Industrial Gas Turbines, Aviation and Medical Device applications, as well as a leading manufacturer of industrial coating equipment and one of the most respected producers in the Additive Manufacturing field. The Group is family-owned and has more than 1,500 employees located in 20 production facilities across Europe, North America and Asia.

About Hitemco
Hitemco is a private, family-owned American business, established nearly 50 years ago. It is a leading provider of Diffusion and Thermal Sprayed enhanced surfaces – successfully applied across a range of applications and environments. With customers in both commercial and military markets, the company combines high-quality production with extensive equipment capability, competitive pricing and great customer service.

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