Fostering entrepreneurial spirit in education

Educate through ‘Debate’

April 29th, 2020 | Even during the pandemic, Lincotek is continuing its collaboration with schools and local authorities. The ‘Debate’ project – the only one in Italy of its kind – involves 50 students of the Carlo Emilio Gadda High School in Fornovo (Parma) and ITTS Ercolino Scalfaro in Catanzaro. The aim is to foster and grow an entrepreneurial spirit in students, develop their autonomy and allow them acquire a new mental flexibility and openness that is so essential in a modern work culture.

Today’s students become tomorrow’s citizens and workers. Every individual need to become an entrepreneur whether he is starting his own company or working with a company as an employee. The era of being a passive employee is over and companies have to develop an innovative culture that can attract this new workforce able to work in a fast-changing world.

Therefore, the educators and workplaces need to evolve to a new method of instruction and training to enable tomorrow’s workers to perform.


April 29, 2020 | GAZZETTA DI PARMA: the Italian article 

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