Lincotek design the future with help from students

2020, March 19 | Students of the high school ‘Carlo Emilio Gadda’ in Fornovo (Parma) have joined forces with those of ITTS ‘Ercolino Scalfaro’ in Catanzaro to collaborate online to create a prototype for Lincotek.


It looked as if The Bridge Project might come to a halt due to the emergency of Covid-19, but it is continuing via online networking with a great virtual team aiming to design and build prototype equipment to optimize processing times within the gas turbine industry. Teachers, students and the company took stock via video conference.

The teachers are available to offer guidance, but the idea is to give the students autonomy and allow them to build their own skills and potential. As in real companies, they take on different roles in different areas: communication, R&D, manufacturing, robotics and automation, for instance.  And, of course, there is Team Manager too. There are even vacancies for two electricians.

The motto of the project is ‘Solving Together’, which means to find solutions collectively to the problems and communicate with both with people at a distance and the company.

The Professors welcome the collaboration with businesses and are happy to accept even complex projects. For its part, Lincotek recognises the importance of projects like this because helping students understand the reality of companies and their needs represents a very important experience for 360-degree growth. Once the emergency is over, the experience will go on at a Group factory in France and this will also help students to develop an understanding of the importance of engaging in the study of languages.

It’s all about shaping the workers of tomorrow. And building a prototype is just the beginning.

2020 March 19 | GAZZETTA DI PARMA: The Italian article 

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