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Turbocoating SpA acquisition

Turbocoating SpA, the IGT and Aviation division of Unitedcoatings Group, a global industry leader in “ready to engine” Thermal Spray Coating Services, announced today that it has signed the agreement [...]

45 anni Turbocoating: da Rubbiano al mondo

Da piccola realtà a 11 sedi tra Italia, Usa e Cina. Nel segno dell'innovazione Una piccola e sconosciuta realtà locale che negli anni è cresciuta sino a diventare l’espressione degli [...]

Eurocoating acquires Nanosurfaces

2018, June 6th | Eurocoating SpA, the medical division of Unitedcoatings Group, a leading Company in Plasma Spray Coating and Additive Manufacturing services to orthopedic and dental OEMs worldwide, announced today that [...]

GE Aviation & Turbocoating Venture Building New Coatings Plant

Advanced Ceramic Coatings plant to produce environmental barrier coatings for CMC jet-engine parts Start-up 3Q 2017 Ceramic fibers in a SiC matrix CMC shrouds for LEAP engines GE Aviation and [...]

Grand opening Eurocoating Wuxi

Eurocoating and Surface Dynamics, members of the Unitedcoatings Group, are seeking to strengthen their global footprint with their first operation in the Asia Pacific area. The companies currently have plants in Italy and [...]

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