Grand opening Eurocoating Wuxi

Eurocoating and Surface Dynamics, members of the Unitedcoatings Group, are seeking to strengthen their global footprint with their first operation in the Asia Pacific area.

The companies currently have plants in Italy and the United States, serving as global contract manufacturers for the orthopedic market. As world leading organizations in plasma spray coatings for orthopedic, dental, spine, and trauma applications, the firms serve over 120 OEMs globally. Based on a history of 42 years and investments in process development, continuous improvements, and R&D, the companies offer creativity and flexibility in surface treatments and metal 3-D printing.

Their product brands include Osprovit and Ti-Growth, while providing titanium and hydroxyapatite coatings on PEEK, titanium 3-D printing, and Ti-Growth macroporous titanium layers.

“The commitment in exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing what they need exactly where they need it has been one of the main drivers leading to the decision” said Nelso Antolotti, president of the Unitedcoatings Group.

The new plant will be located in the industrial area of Shanghai and will be operational by the end of 2016. Local sales and management offices will also be established.

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